A Company Consultancy Project (CCP) is your opportunity to receive innovative solutions by well-trained graduate students to your challenges. As company /organisation you benefit from the fresh mindset, knowledge and experience of highly educated graduate students, whereas students have the opportunity to apply their skills to solving an issue within a practical environment.



Students of our specialized master study programs in Sales, Sustainability, Food & Beverage Management, and MBA in International Management are eager to take on your challenge and support you in various fields:

  • strategy
  • marketing
  • business modelling
  • digital transformation and change management
  • sustainability/CSR
  • sales management
  • finance
  • supply chain management
  • and more!
Here are some examples of previous CCPs:
  • "Market analysis and market entry strategy for Non-European regions": Development of marketing and sales strategies for the purpose of an internationalisation strategy for secunet Security Networks AG
  • "Go-to-market strategy for human centric lighting products for a globally leading lighting manufacturer": Application of business model innovation and value proposition design for the purpose of introducing new, personalised lighting products and services by OSRAM
  • "Market analysis and market entry strategy for a social impact startup": Development of a partner and distribution network for the social impact startup SirPlus that reduces food waste along the entire value chain


Besides from the applicable solutions to your business challenge, a CCP also presents an alternative to the typical recruiting methods most companies rely on. Here you have the unique chance to not only discover young talents but also to insure yourself of a potential employee's committment to your organisations.


  • Next CCP round: November 2019 - January 2020
  • 4 - 5 advanced graduate students
  • 4 weeks part-time preparation phase, 4 weeks full-time execution phase
  • Fresh mindset
  • Opportunity to discover potential employees on the spot
  • Support before, during, and after the project cycle
  • Submission round: 1 August - 30 September 2019


“We got a highly motivated and goal-oriented team of young students that performed really well on our goals and tasks. What I really liked about the team was the diversity. We got students from different cultural backgrounds, different professional backgrounds. I think this was really value adding to our innovation project .”

Sebastian Pitzler, Head of Ergo Digital Lab

“I would recommend a Company Consultancy Project with ESCP Europe students because it is a great opportunity to work with representatives of the next generation. Although you do not hire professional consultants, they still deliver profound results that you can reuse and eventually, as in our case with ESCP Europe, it becomes a win-win situation.”

Steffen Loeser, Manager Business Processes and Solutions Supply Chain at Coca-Cola European Partners

"In fact, we use CCPs in two ways: as input for our projects and at the same time as a recruitment tool. During the last years we have carried out CCPs regularly in the areas of marketing or communication strategies and human resources. The quality of the results was excellent and the commitment of the students was great – so much that we hired some of the students.”

Thomas Riegel, HR Director at L’Oréal Deutschland GmbH

"In general, we find that a good student consultant is someone who is prepared to go the extra mile and someone who comes up with brilliant and innovative ideas to solve business related problems. In that way, the students from the ESCP Europe project fulfilled all our expectations.”

Daniel Meehan, Consulting Lead at CamP Group gGmbH


Diana Korkis

CCP Project Coordinator

Email: dkorkis@escpeurope.eu

Phone: +49 30 32 007 174

  If you need further information or you want to discuss your project idea, I am happy to help you!

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