Anne Westphal (MIM 2012)

What convinced you to join DHL Consulting?

Consulting had always interested me, but at the same time I wanted to really get to know a company with its business models, culture and build my network- so Inhouse Consulting seemed like a great option for me. During my interview day at DHL Consulting, I found the people and the discussions really interesting and engaging. I had a really good feeling right from the start.


What do you like most about DHL Consulting?

What I like most about DHL Consulting is the international spirit. It’s great to work and socialize with colleagues from all corners of the world that bring in their different personalities, opinions and experiences. Together we work on international business problems supporting DHL’s senior management to develop their business worldwide. For instance, I worked in projects across 4 continents, conducted interviews with CFOs in Africa and visited warehouses in the UK.

Besides all internationality, DHL Consulting feels like a small family business where all colleagues are on a first-name basis.


What did you learn so far?

Starting as a consultant my learning curve was steep: consulting boot camps, logistic knowledge and DHL’s different business models. In more than 10 projects from operational process optimization for warehouses, over global reorganizations to the company’s strategy 2020 I took over various roles with more and more responsibility. Now as senior consultant, I am leading a small team of consultants in a market entry study, learning how to best engage my team to support our client.




Carina Baumgärtner (MIM 2014)

Carina, how did you become aware of EY?

I have friends who have worked at EY and told me about it. When EY presented its business and career opportunities at recruiting events on campus in Berlin and Paris, I had a chance to take a closer look.


What attracted you to join EY?

The chance to get to know various companies and industries was very attractive to me, and so was the prospect of receiving first-class development and training. EY also offers a good life balance in comparison to strategic consultancies.


Why did you choose a career in consulting?
I've always had an interest in HR. The People Advisory Services team at EY works on a broad spectrum of customer projects in HR, dealing with HR process optimisation, change management, training, coaching, leadership development and more. This diversity has enabled me to learn a lot in a very short space of time.


What is your advice to ESCP students?

Participate in ESCP’s career events to get in touch with companies and make use of their services, for example solving case studies. This will best prepare you for an interview. An internship is excellent to see whether this is the path you want to follow. As an intern at EY, you will be treated as a full member of the team and work on the customer site from day one. That’s not only great for finding out whether this kind of work is for you, but also a great way to open doors to a permanent position.


What skills and qualities should one have to start a consulting career at EY?

This is the right job for people who bring flexibility, commitment, adaptability and team spirit with them.



Jennifer Diedrichs (Master in Energy Management 2015)

How did you become a consultant at E.ON Inhouse Consulting (ECON)?

I got to know ECON at a workshop at the ESCP Europe London campus. We were given an interesting case study to solve and discuss with the ECON team. I was impressed by the prospects of learning from the best consultants often with years of experience at MBB, while advising E.ON’s top management on the most crucial topics that emerge from the energy revolution. I perceived ECON’s expertise, the project portfolio, and the team highly interesting, so I decided to apply for an internship. During this internship I was involved in putting E.ON’s new strategy into practice. Having been given a lot of responsibility from day 1 on, made me always feel like being part of the team. In the end, I got offered a full time position, which I happily accepted.


What does your day look like at ECON?

No day is like another, due to different challenging tasks and exciting projects. At the moment I am on a project in Munich, i.e. flying to my clients on Mondays, returning Thursday evenings. I currently develop a new management reporting & KPIs with my clients, so I spend time interviewing different stakeholders, developing concepts, or designing the processes and the layout. On Fridays I work at the ECON office in Essen, partially for my project, partially on internal things such as organizing our Summer Strategy Days - the annual works outing or a waterski event.


What do you like about ECON?

The number one reason is easy: my colleagues and the team feeling. It is not only great working with them; we also made friends and spend quite a large share of our spare time together. I also enjoy that they are quite international and English is the company language; it makes me feel a bit like the good old times at ESCP Europe. Career wise I think, ECON is a great place to be. I learn so much here - on projects, during trainings, from my mentor - providing me with a highly valuable skill set for my professional future.




Eiki So (MEB 2015)

Why did you apply to Shell?

An old university friend of mine from the bachelor study started at Shell two years before me. Through his stories, I was interested in the refinery business and how Shell contributes to the energy industry in the European market.


How does your day look like at Shell?

As a crude oil scheduler for the Rhineland Refinery, I start my day by checking how the refinery ran during the previous evening and compare that to the plan I’ve created the day before. I reconcile my scheduling tool accordingly to best simulate the reality on my desktop. Afterwards, the actual work of scheduling begins. Any issues within the refinery, along with monthly production plans, will be taken into account.


What do you like in particular about Shell?

Shell has a very open culture. Across all levels and business areas, there are many opportunities to learn from each other as long as your interest and drive is there. Shell offers the opportunity to shape your own career with the help of well-established training courses, as well as structured feedback discussions between you and your manager.


Aus dem MEB in die Modebranche


Gabriella von Bülow (MEB 2014)

Nach meinem Masterabschluss in European Business an der ESCP Europe stand ich wie die meisten meiner Kommilitonen vor der großen Frage, in welche Richtung sich mein weiterer beruflicher Werdegang entwickeln sollte.  Ich zählte nicht zu den Kandidaten, für die der ganz persönliche Karriereweg schon lange in Stein gemeißelt war. Während des Studiums hatte sich durch den Schwerpunkt  Marketing mein Interesse für diesen Bereich herauskristallisiert, aber auch die Arbeit mit Zahlen im Unternehmenskontext machte mir zunehmend Spaß. Während der Career Days an der ESCP nutzte ich die Gelegenheit, mich über verschiedenste Unternehmen und deren Einstiegspositionen und -programme zu informieren. 

Peek & Cloppenburg als Shopping-Destination kannte ich bereits seit meiner Kindheit, an der ESCP durfte ich das Unternehmen dann erstmalig auch als Arbeitgeber kennenlernen. Mit der Möglichkeit, meinen Berufseinstieg  in Form eines Traineeprogramms zu wählen, hatte ich schon lange geliebäugelt. Die Vorstellung, vor der ersten Verantwortungsposition verschiedene Unternehmensbereiche kennenzulernen, sagte mir sehr zu. Das Traineeprogramm von P&C eröffnete  mir zudem die Möglichkeit, sowohl mein Faible für Mode als auch meine analytischen Fähigkeiten einzubringen – das  war letztendlich ausschlaggebend für meine Bewerbung.

P&C in Düsseldorf

Das Traineeprogramm von P&C startete mit einer Phase im Verkauf, danach folgte ein Einblick in den Zentraleinkauf mit dem Ziel uns Trainees optimal auf die erste Führungsposition vorzubereiten. Der Bereich Einkauf war von Anfang an von besonderem Interesse für mich, während ich gegenüber der  Verkaufsphase noch einige Vorurteile hatte.  Doch die Realität sah zum Glück ganz anders aus. Natürlich war auch »Pullover falten« Teil des Alltags; die Begleitung des Abteilungsleiters zeigte jedoch schnell, wie viel facettenreicher sich das Aufgabenfeld gestaltet. Die verschiedenen Tätigkeiten, die von Personalführung und -planung über Warenaufbau und Flächenbewirtschaftung bis hin zum Visual Merchandising reichten, sorgten für einen abwechslungsreichen Tagesablauf.  Zudem wurde die Verkaufs- und die Einkaufsphase von einem umfassenden Seminarangebot  in Bereichen wie bspw. Selbstmarketing, Führung, Projektmanagement, Zeit- und Selbstmanagement sowie Kommunikation begleitet.  Zusätzlich halfen regelmäßige Feedbackgespräche mit HR Ansprechpartnern und meinen Vorgesetzten sowie das Mentoring Programm, meinen beruflichen Werdegang weiter zu formen. Da ich vor meinem Master bereits spannende Erfahrungen im E-Commerce gesammelt hatte, konnte ich mir einen weiteren Werdegang  bei dem P&C Online Shop Fashion ID sehr gut vorstellen. In dieser Phase zum Ende meines Trainees zeigte sich die Flexibilität innerhalb des Unternehmens, die mir ermöglichte, anschließend meine erste eigenverantwortliche Position im Shopmanagement bei Fashion ID anzutreten.

Seit März 2016 unterstütze ich nun das Online Marketing Team als Associate Manager bei der kontinuierlichen optischen und funktionalen Optimierung der Webseite und kümmere mich um die Erstellung von wöchentlichen Performance Reports und das Retourenmanagement. Das junge, dynamische Umfeld von Fashion ID mit Start-up Charakter sagte mir sehr zu und erinnert mich immer wieder an die Umgebung  während meines Studiums an der ESCP.

Insgesamt kann ich jedem, der eine gewisse Leidenschaft für Mode und Begeisterung für analytisches Arbeiten mitbringt, gerne mit Menschen arbeitet, über ein großes Maß an Flexibilität verfügt und bereit ist, sich kontinuierlich persönlich und professionell weiterzuentwickeln raten, P&C als Arbeitgeber in Erwägung zu ziehen.





Marco Greifeneder (MIM 2012)

What is your job at TRUMPF? – Project Manager at Global Service Center – Internal consultant for Technical Service of TRUMPF Sales & Service subsidiaries worldwide

Why is TRUMPF your employer of choice? – It’s a long-established family business with technical roots which strives for excellence in all business disciplines. At TRUMPF I found an employer to apply creative will with space for change.

Describe TRUMPF culture in three words. – Innovation; Performance; Trust





Dominique Bouillet (MIM 2014)

What is your job at TRUMPF?

Business Division Controller (i.e., margin and profitability analyses across products and markets; controlling of sales and service subsidiaries within the business division machine tools.)

Why is TRUMPF your employer of choice?

Because it is an innovative company with a long-term perspective and the ambition to shape industry trends.

Describe TRUMPF culture in three words.

Innovative, ambitious, collaborative.