The future of careers: connecting business, personal and global goals

On January 9th - 10th 2019, ESCP Europe Berlin hosted the Global Career Week, a symposium with about 220 International Master in Management students and over 80 professionals from business and civil society. The symposium creates a space for the students to discover their strengths and motivation, to reflect personal, entrepreneurial as well as societal goals and to work on concrete next steps to successful life planning.


Each of the four days students worked together with different experts on specific topics:


January, 8th: Global Career Week Day 1 – Work on Value Assessment

ESCP Europe Berlin

Day 1 is about Value Assesment. Together with ESCP Europe's Corporate Relations & Careers department and external coaches, students are going to develop their personal career planning model. Students should actively work on their personal values and guidelines in order to be aware of the importance of the values as guiding principles for their lifes and careers. Moreover, we want to think about purpose with regard to career values, values in economic life and society (who’s rewarded for what?), and also touch dreams and personal missions – as a basis of a fulfilled and happy life.

The day was closed by a panel discussion with extraordinary personalities, who shared their motivations, experience and learnings to create a life with impact.


Career Coaches & Speakers:

Janina Freigang, Charlotte Blum, Andreas Voss, Cynthia Klauth, Laurence Schwer, Michaela Wieandt, Stephan Anpalagan and Franck Vogel

Information about coaches & speakers


Janina Freigang

has lived, studied and worked in seven different countries, obtained her B.A. in International Relations Global Business in Los Angeles and Bilbao and subsequently completed her M.Sc. in European Business in London and Berlin. After some corporate work experience in International Marketing and Sales, Janina (co-)founded two companies (FREIGANG APPLICATIONS CONSULTING and People & Friends). As an accredited workshop trainer and coach, Janina develops and gives customized workshops and Experiential Learning Programs for companies, universities and high schools around the world. Her areas of expertise lie in International Job/University Applications, Team Building, Business Modeling, (Corporate) Entrepreneurship and Pitching/Presentation Skills.


Andreas Voss

obtained his B.A. in Business Administration and M.A. in Entrepreneurship in Hamburg. After several years of employment as a Senior Consultant in Marketing and Strategy for renowned corporate clients, he became a serial entrepreneur and has (co-)founded eight companies since 2004. With his two most recent companies (CONCIS GROUP and People & Friends), Andreas has been working as an accredited start-up coach and lecturer developing and giving customized workshops and Experiential Learning Programs for companies, universities, social impact labs and research centers worldwide. His areas of expertise particularly lie in Business Modeling, Marketing, Finance, Innovation, (Corporate) Entrepreneurship and Strategy.


Charlotte Blum

is an accredited Business coach and consultant. She obtained her diploma in clinical and business psychology in Osnabrück and is currently working on her PhD at the university of Mainz while living in Berlin. For her PhD thesis Charlotte chose to answer a question that aims to change something in the business world: how do leaders deal with change? #changethechange is her motto and consequently her areas of expertise for coaching and consulting are change, leadership and female leadership. Before founding her own business, she was head of the Career Building Program at Femtec.GmbH, where she supported young women with their career aspirations. Her areas of expertise lie in career planning, networking, competent self-presentation and especially leadership competencies.


Michaela Wienadt, Career Development Manager, ESCP Europe

Michaela is a passionate career coach for students, graduates and MBAs. Having started with coaching and advising students  at the ESCP Europe ten years ago, she works in close collaboration with recruiters and alumni in various companies in identifying and placing talents as well as expanding ESCP Europe's network. Her passion is to help people find their mission and place in live and help them to grow and develop. Michaela holds a doctoral degree in sociology from Technical University of Berlin and has studied in Göttingen and Berlin.



Cynthia Klauth, Project Manager Executive Education, Career Development & Corporate Relations, ESCP Europe

Cynthia holds a Master of Science in Management Studies from Stockholm University and a Bachelor of Arts from IUBH – School of Business and Management, Bad Honnef-Bonn. She started working as a Project Manager for Executive Education, Career Development and Corporate Relations at ESCP Europe in Berlin in 2018. Prior to this, she collected international working experience in the educational and cultural sector, while living in different European and international countries.

Laurence Schwer, Manager for Executive Education & Corporate Relations at ESCP Europe
Laurence holds a Master’s degree in Management from ESCP Europe and a Master’s degree in International Relations from Sciences Po in Paris. She started working as a Manager at ESCP Europe in Berlin in 2016. Prior to joining ESCP Europe, Laurence worked several years in public finance and in a startup in tourism. She has a strong international background, having lived and worked in 5 different countries.





Franck Vogel, Photojournalist

Franck Vogel works as a photojournalist specializing in Water, Environmental, Climate & Social issues for the international press (GEO, Paris Match, Stern, Bloomberg...). He is also a speaker, a documentary film director (France Television) and an EverydayClimateChange Instagram feed contributor. He is best known for his work on the Bishnois, the world's first ecologists in India, and the Albinos in Tanzania. He is currently focusing on global Water Conflicts with the Transboundary Rivers' Project and has already completed stories on seven major rivers featured by GEO magazine, the BBC, TF1 or in exhibitions and in lectures. A two-volume book set « Fleuves Frontières » (Transboundary Rivers) will be released by La Martinière Publishing and the first volume has been launched in Sept 2016. WWW.FRANCKVOGEL.COM


Stephan Anpalagan

Stepehen Apalagen is a Consultant by day and an Activist by night. Beside his corporate position as a Manager at Porsche’s consulting division “MHP”, he pursues his civic duty as an Activist, Musician and Writer. He gained national recognition as he successfully dismantled the right-wing narrative of Germany’s far right political party AfD. He is the CEO of an upcoming startup that will accelerate social activism in the countryside and regular Essayist for Magazines such as “The European”, “MiGAZIN” & “Telepolis”.


January 9th: Global Career Week Day 2 & Conference Day 1 – Open up Sustainable Innovation


On Day 2 students joined our Conference on Sustainable Innovation in the Allianzforum, where thy could follow Key note speeches, Panel discussions and Best practice project flashlights presented by numerous speakers from Business, Govenment & Society (NGO). Find more information here...


January 10th: Global Career Week Day 3 & Conference Day 2 – “Tackling Problems” in Expert Workshops

ESCP Europe Berlin

On Day 3 the conference provided a means for expanding horizons, exchanging experience and networking between professionals and students. 24 workshops on different workstreams were moderated by students of the Sustainability Master classes and their co-experts companies, NGOs and politics, who shared their experiences while gaining fresh insides for their work. Find more information here...


January 11th: Global Career Week Day 4 – Career Training Day

ESCP Europe Berlin

On Day 4 of the Global Career Week, ESCP Company partners offered  career workshops and information sessions to  the students. The goal is to train and prepare the students for application process and to inform them about the work in certain fields, industries or areas.


Examples of workshops:

Presenting the Complex simple, Working in the Financial Industry, Interviwe Training, Career paths in startups, Design Thinking, Build your fast career in retail, How to impress in 30 seconds, How to prepare for an Assessment Day

Participating partners:

Procter & Gamble, The Boston Consulting Group, Rantum Capital, People & Friends, SEA Global Commodities, Grover, Google, Consultport, Deloitte Monitor, Uniqlo, Wayfair & KPMG