Milad Arzani, Manager at OTIS

2011-2013 MIM, 3 Degrees, London Paris Berlin. Now Leading Business Development Europe&Africa (M&A/ Strategy@Otis)

Uni­ted Tech­no­lo­gies (UTC) is a di­ver­si­fied com­pany that pro­vi­des a broad ran­ge of high-tech­no­lo­gy pro­ducts and ser­vices to the glo­bal ae­ro­s­pace and buil­ding sys­tems in­dus­t­ries. Our com­mer­ci­al bu­si­nes­ses are Otis ele­va­tors and es­ca­la­tors and UTC Cli­ma­te, Con­trols & Se­cu­ri­ty, a lea­ding pro­vi­der of hea­ting, ven­ti­la­ti­on, air con­di­tio­ning, fi­re and se­cu­ri­ty sys­tems, buil­ding au­to­ma­ti­on and con­trols. Our ae­ro­s­pace bu­si­nes­ses are Si­kors­ky air­craft and the new UTC Pro­pul­si­on & Ae­ro­s­pace Sys­tems, which in­clu­des Pratt & Whit­ney air­craft en­gi­nes and UTC Ae­ro­s­pace Sys­tems ae­ro­s­pace pro­ducts. The com­pany al­so ope­ra­tes a cen­tral re­se­ar­ch or­ga­niza­ti­on that pur­su­es tech­no­lo­gies for im­pro­ving the per­for­man­ce, ener­gy ef­fi­ci­en­cy and cost of UTC pro­ducts and pro­ces­ses.




Axel Bachmann, General Manager Sustainability at Coca Cola European Partners

More information coming soon...

As the con­ces­sio­naire of "The Coca-Cola Com­pany" (Atlanta) in Ger­many the com­pany is res­pon­si­ble for the bott­ling and sel­ling of more than 80 Coca-Cola brand pro­ducts. A wide pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion net­work sup­plies around 400,000 busi­ness and gas­tro­no­mic cust­o­m­ers every day.




Till Behnke, founder of

Social entrepreneur and founder of is a platform to connect people in local neighborhood communities.




Sören Bettex, Head of Finance, Human Resources and Global Strategy (Interim) at BORDA

Sören Bettex is the head of finance and global strategy at BORDA. Before joining BORDA, Sören has led numerous projects in transport and logistics at Deutsche Bahn, DB Schenker and ffk environmental. Sören has a degree in Economics & Engineering and has a MBA in International Management of the University of the Sunshine Coast.

BORDA advises and facilitates projects in the sectors of decentralised sanitation, wastewater treatment, water and energy supply, and solid waste disposal in Asia and Africa. Active for nearly 40 years, BORDA is part of a network of international research and development organisations.




Philipp Bleckmann, Manager "Human Rights and Business" at German Global Compact Network

I work at the secretariat of the German Global Compact Network where I run the workstream on "Business and Human Rights". That means, I work with companies to help them improve the management of their Impacts on human rights, especially in their supply chain.

The Global Compact is the largest initiative on corporate sustainability - with far more than 10.000 signatories worldwide. We are a multistakeholder network working with companies, civil society and governments to foster sustainability and ethical business conduct.






Stephan Breidenbach, Professor of Law at Europa-University Viadrina & Mediation in Vienna

Stephan Breidenbach is an experienced entrepreneur. He founded knowledgeTools International GmbH, the leading company in rule mapping and legal knowledge mapping in Europe. In the non-profit sector he founded Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance and, the
global online donation platform for social projects. His next venture will be NExtSSE, a social stock exchange for investment through the Internet in social impact companies.




Stephanie Bschorr, President of Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen

She campaigns for a quotas to put women in the boardroom and for men to take over more of the task of raising children in the family. She also runs her own business, a Berlin auditing agency.

The qualified lawyer runs an auditing firm in Berlin together with two partners. Bschorr joined the company while still a student – and now has a 30 percent stake in the enterprise. Among her other activities is president of the national association of businesswomen, which lobbies for more women in Germany’s boardrooms.


Der VdU vertritt seit 1954 als Wirtschaftsverband branchenübergreifend die Interessen von Unternehmerinnen. Seit über 60 Jahren setzt sich der VdU für mehr weibliches Unternehmertum, mehr Frauen in Führungspositionen und bessere Bedingungen für Frauen in der Wirtschaft ein.

Derzeit repräsentiert der VdU über 1.800 frauengeführte, insbesondere mittelständische Unternehmen aus Industrie, Handwerk, Handel und Dienstleistung. Die Mitglieder des VdU erwirtschaften zusammen einen Jahresumsatz von 85 Milliarden Euro und beschäftigen 500.000 Menschen.




Silke Bustamante, professor for Management at the Berlin School of Economics

Her research focuses on Corporate Responsibility, particularly on global and cultural aspects and the role of CSR for employer attractiveness, trust and reputation. She was Visiting Professor at Kobe University in Japan and the UADE in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before, she worked several years as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in international strategic projects and as a research assistant for the Social Science Research Centre Berlin.

Berlin School of Economics and Law is one One of Berlin’s largest universities of applied sciences. The adhering Institute for Sustainability does research in the fields of Busienss Ethics, Corporate Social Resposnibility, Sustainable Development.




Naomi Denny, volunteer with UNICEF Berlin

Naomi Denny is a volunteer with UNICEF Berlin, the local work group of the German Committee of UNICEF. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and she studied languages as well as Library and Information Studies.

Sibu Szymanowska, volunteer with UNICEF Berlin

Sibu Szymanowska is a volunteer with UNICEF Berlin, the local work group of the German Committee of UNICEF. She is a graduate of Economics from Jinan University in Guangzhou, China. She recently led a WaSH project in rural Nicaragua, and aims to continue working in the sustainable development field. 

UNICEF Germany places its trust in around 8000 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. These volunteers advocate for children's rights on behalf of UNICEF and increase awareness of the world's most vulnerable children as well as of difficulties children face in our vicinities.




Jan Ehlers, Head of Corporate Relations & Business Development at ESCP Europe Berlin

Jan Ehlers started his career as junior sales manager in Hamburg and Great Britain at Milton Keynes before studying Business Administration & Educational Science. While studying, he was involved in setting up WIWEX, a career service company at the Humboldt University. Since 2010 Jan is head of corporate relations and campus development at ESCP Europe Berlin. He is responsible for the development and implementation of various study and executive programs, for establishing strategic partnerships and the pedagogical development of the Career Service. Together with successful entrepreneurs he invented the UNTERNEHMERSCHULE at ESCP Europe in 2014 and was responsible for the pedagogical design and implementation together with Prof. Dr. Martin Kupp. In addtion, Jan advises the University of Havana (Cuba) in building up an entrepreneurship center and is co-founder of InCUBA.uhhu, Cuba's first business incubator Jan volunteers as board member of the non-profit think tank "Denkwerkstatt: JugendMentoring e.V", that is committed to enhance the chances and opportunities for young people and young professionals.


Prof. Dr. Marion Festing, Rector and professor for HR and Intercultural Management at ESCP Europe Berlin

Marion Festing is Professor of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership, from 2012 to 2016 she was Rector of the ESCP Europe, Berlin campus. She holds a PhD and habilitation degree from the University of Paderborn, Germany. Her areas of expertise are international and strategic human resource management, global leadership, intercultural management and globalisation processes. She is actively involved in various executive education programmes and has strong links with the world of business.


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pape, Professor of Finance and Director of Studies for the Master in Management programme at ESCP Europe Berlin

Ulrich Pape is Professor of Finance and he holds the Chair of Finance at ESCP Europe Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin. Since 2002 he is Berlin Director of Studies for the Master in Management programme. Professor Pape graduated at Technical University Berlin (Diplom-Kaufmann) and he holds a Doctorate (Dr. rer. oec.) as well as a post-doctoral degree (Habilitation) in business administration. His dissertation develops a model on value based management, whereas his post-doctoral thesis deals with the financial management in different phases of the corporate life-cycle.

Professor Pape started his academic career in 1991 at Technical University Berlin. Since then he worked as a lecturer, assistant professor and since 2002 as full professor of finance. He teaches courses in corporate finance, financial theory and financial markets, both at the undergraduate and at the postgraduate level. Besides that, Professor Pape is a visiting professor at various universities and business schools.

Before entering the scientific community he worked for a couple of years with Deutsche Bank.


Dr. Michaela Wieandt, Career Coaching and Placement at ESCP Europe Berlin

Michaela has eight years of professional experience as passionate career advisor & coach at ESCP Europe. She advises students in all matters of finding jobs and internships but also works with the partner companies and alumni. Her main expertise is the German market.


ESCP Europe is a pan-European business school which has campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, and Warsaw. Originally established in 1819 in Paris, it is the oldest business school in the world and considered by several international specialized newspapers ( Financial Times, QS) one of the best business schools in the World and in Europe (among the top 10).




Janina Freigang, founder of Freigang Applications Consulting









Philipp Gaerte, Founder

MiM Alumni 2009, founder since 2010.

Media4care has developed a care and assistance plattform for caregivers and family members of the elderly and people with cognitive dysfunctions (eg dementia). The plattform is tablet-based, supports the daily activation with own and individualised content and connects family members, therapists and the patient. With additional features, it helps the affected people to improve their quality of live and fights their social isolation.




Patrick Ganter, Product Manager at L´Oréal

He studied International Business in Maastricht and Hong Kong and started his career with L´Oréal Germany in 2014.

He currently works for the brand Giorgio Armani as product manager inthe make-up category.  Analyzing the German make-up market as well as assessing potential for innovative product launches are his main responsibilities. Furthermore, designing integrated marketing campaigns for the German market by combining online and offline activities in a very dynamic market is a key challenge nowadays to deliver a superior experience for consumers and thereby creating a competitive advantage.


Anna Roeser, Talent Acquisition Manager at L'Oréal

My name is Anna, I am Talent Acquisition Manager in L'Oréal since 2015 and I am closing working with Universities to develop their students to become future leaders. I am very happy to be part of the conference and to take all questions regarding our sustainability Projects as well as career Options.

L' Oréal is the world market leader in cosmetics and one of the TOP 10 employers in the world *. We believe that beauty inspires people and allows them to express their own personality, gain self confidence and open up to others. With our 32 brands we achieve a turnover of over €25 billion worldwide and a profit of more than €1 billion. Germany is our fifth largest market, growth driver in Europe and one of the most strategic markets of the group. By 2020 we have set us an ambitious goal: win 1 billion new consumers all over the world. To achieve this we need passionate personalities that shape our future together with us.




Jana Gottschalk, Chief Operating Officer at CamP Group

She runs the operations of the non-profit social enterprise with an annual budget of € 450k and a team of 15 staff. She holds a Masters Degree in Nationalism Studies from the CEU in Budapest and has completed the U-School Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at ESCP Europe in 2016. Her main focus is currently education; she brings the experience of working in an inner-city school as a Teach First Deutschland Fellow to the organization, as well as leading a diverse range of education projects in Europe.

CamP Group gGmbH is a “Think Tank and Do Lab”. We address deep rooted social problems by bringing together latest research findings with tried and proven practices in the fields of gender, community development, sports and integration.

Our “Think Tank” investigates new approaches and shapes policy through research, advocacy and consulting.

The “Do Lab” on the other hand, devises new projects and services. It brings forth projects like RespAct, Boxgirls International and JumpIn, working towards solving social challenges. We support these projects until the concept is refined and they are institutionally and financially independent, at which point multipliers implement them internationally.

To date, our best known Initiative is Boxgirls International. Using boxing as a medium, girls and young women with a variety of life experiences and from different backgrounds, are empowered to shape their lives in positive ways. RespAct is an award-winning, pedagogical project with emphasis on democratic and sports-related learning. During our workshops, children learn strategies for how to improve their immediate surroundings and begin to implement changes in partnership with political figures and business representatives.

We carry out workshops and consulting services for government agencies, companies and non-profits in Germany and internationally. Our partners include the Berlin Senate, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the GIZ, UNOSDP.




Jan Hansen, Managing Director at WIWEX and (Career Service at HU Berlin) and German Program Director of InCUBA.uhhu

Enabling social institutions to develop and raise funds has been the mission of Jan’s professional life. Starting his professional work at the Serviciul de Ajutor Maltez in România, an aid organization he helped to establish after the fall of the wall, he has since founded WIWEX the Career and Campus Service at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and serves as German Program Director of InCUBA.uhhu the first business incubator set up in Cuba by Universidad de La Habana and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

InCUBA.uhhu was founded 2015 and is the first Cuban business incubator. It aims to turn innovation into viable business ideas. The incubator is a joint project of Universidad de La Habana and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Teams can apply with their business idea to the incubator and become part of a very special ecosystem. Aim is to support Cubas transformation process and enable its scientific community to contribute to the economic development of their country. The incubator is open for new collaborators and partners.




Ioannis Hatzopoulos, Senior Manager, Sustainability Communications at Procter & Gamble

As Head of Sustainability Communitcations for Global Baby Care he is responsible for internal and external communications and reports to the executive board. Previously, he was Senior Manager Scientific Communication for Baby & Feminine Care Europe, Middle East, India and Africa at P&G.

Can Köseoglu, Finance Manager - Berlin Gillette Plant at Procter & Gamble

As the finance manager of one of P&G's largest manufacturing sites globally, I am responsible for making sure that the plant is delivering on the financial objectives while not compromising on compliance. Prior to this role, I have held different commercially focused finance positions in different categories within the German HQ.

I am very much looking forward to the conference and to discussing career questions / sustainability contributions.


P&G serves consumers around the world with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Always®, Ambi Pur®, Ariel®, Bounty®, Charmin®, Crest®, Dawn®, Downy®, Fairy®, Febreze®, Gain®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®, Lenor®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, SK-II®, Tide®, Vicks®, and Whisper®. The P&G community includes operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide.




Felix Hoffmann, Manager at A.T. Kearney

I'm interested in sustainable transportation, ethical work & inequality reduction through education.

A.T. Kearney is an American global management consulting firm.




Alexander Holst, Managing Director at Accenture Strategy

As MD responsible for Sustainability Services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Accenture Strategy shapes our clients’ future, combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. Our focus on issues related to digital disruption, redefining competiveness, global operating models, and talent and leadership helps drive both efficiencies and growth.




Frauke Horstmann, Corporate Partnerships Manager at streetfootballworld gGmbH

After ten years corporate experience as a Marketing professional in the Middle East region, Frauke joined streetfootballworld´s corporate partnership team in 2015 with many years of international Marketing experience. .


streetfootballworld is the leading international organization that harnesses the power of football for good. We’re building an alternate vision of the game: focusing the universal passion for football on tackling the greatest social challenges of our time. Our work supports a global network of more than 120 community organizations in 75 countries that place football at the heart of sustainable social change. streetfootballworld has teamed up with strong leading players, including public institutions such as the German Government and the European Commission, football institutions such as FIFA and UEFA and private partners such as Coca-Cola and SAP.




Dr. Roos Hutteman, Head of Recruitment and Selection at Teach First Deutschland

I received my MSc in Psychology from Utrecht University and my PhD from the Humboldt-University Berlin and the Max Planck Institute of Human Development. After a research stay at the University of Michigan, I became an assistant professor for Developmental Psychology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I am currently the Head of Recruitment and Selection at Teach First Deutschland and affiliated researcher at Utrecht University.

Teach First Deutschland is an NGO that strives for more educational equity by recruiting and selecting top college graduates to teach in schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods for two years. As Teach First Deutschland alumni these graduates become ambassadors for fair chances in education by working in fields like economy, politics, science, and education.




Justus Kammüller, Manager Sustainable Business & Markets at WWF

I graduated ESCP in 2014, majoring in Sustainable Business. My Connection to sustainability begun when I founded and managed a Photovoltaic Sales Company in Munich. An internship at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK introduced me to the concept of the Circular Economy, which is the focus of my work at the WWF as well. I have worked in consulting, insurance, and industry - and nothing has even come close to being as rewarding as working for the WWF here in Berlin. The division I work for , "Sustainable Business & Markets", works at the crossroads of environmentalism and Business. My daily work consists of conceptual work around sustainable business models, working with partner companies on sustainability strategy and creating innovative solutions to tackle the most urgent challenges in relation to the economies role in our environmental crises.

The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than one million members in the United States and close to five million globally. WWF's unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.




Thorsten Kiefer, Founder and CEO of WASH United

Thorsten is convinced that safe drinking water, sanitation and good hygiene (WASH) for all people by 2030 is possible and he is committed to help make it happen.

A lawyer by training, Thorsten started his career working for a Geneva-based human rights organisation, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights to water and sanitation and the German Institute for Human Rights.

In 2010, Thorsten started WASH United. Under his leadership, WASH United has trained more than 270,000 children in good sanitation and hygiene behaviours and reached hundreds of millions of people through media and campaigns. WASH United’s work has been recognized through numerous international awards. In 2012, Thorsten was honoured with an Ashoka fellowship.

Thorsten holds a LL.M. degree in international law from the University of Amsterdam.

WASH United is an international social impact organisation headquartered in Berlin/Germany, with offices in Delhi/India and Nairobi/Kenya.

Vision: WASH United exists to help achieve safe drinking WAter, Sanitation and good Hygiene (WASH) for all people by 2030.

What we do: WASH United develops innovative solutions to raise the overall priority for sanitation and hygiene (including menstrual health and hygiene), to change people’s attitudes and behaviours around WASH issues, and to empower relevant actors to use the human rights to water and sanitation to accelerate progress towards WASH for all. We focus on South Asia (especially India) and Sub-Saharan Africa and, the two world regions with the greatest WASH challenges.

How we work: WASH United always uses positive communication. We want people to get inspired by what is possible if they use toilets, not be afraid of what happens if they don’t. For our campaigns and behaviour change interventions, we tap into things people love and are passionate about, including play, sports and celebrity role models.

WASH United’s approach to work is made possible by a multidisciplinary team in which engineers, lawyers, public health experts, sociologists and senior creative professionals work together on a daily basis.

Focus on partnerships: WASH United strongly believes in the power of genuine, deep partnerships. Our strength lies in the development of new solutions to WASH challenges. By working with and through partners who have complementary strengths in implementation, our solutions can create impact at scale.




Volker Klima, Senior Policy Officer for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

I´m a rural development specialist with more than 10 years’ experience working and conducting research in Latin America/Caribbean and Asia for the German government and international NGOs. I have worked in numerous countries like Cuba, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Paraguay. Hence, I gained a strong background in land use systems, local governance and economic development featuring gender and conflict sensitive approaches for individual and organizational capacity development. At the Moment, I work as a senior policy officer for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Development cooperation aims to help resolve crises and conflicts in a peaceful manner. It aims to help ensure that scarce resources are more equitably shared, and that our environment is preserved for coming generations. And it aims to help reduce global poverty. In order to achieve these goals, development policy must target different levels. And of course we cannot lose sight of the fact that foreign policy, trade policy, security policy and development policy are today very closely linked. This makes the mandate of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) wide and varied.

The BMZ develops the guidelines and the fundamental concepts on which German development policy is based. It devises long-term strategies for cooperation with the various players concerned and defines the rules for implementing that cooperation. These are the foundations for developing shared projects with partner countries and international development organisations. All efforts are informed by the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals, which ambitiously aim to halve poverty in the world by 2015.




Christian Klippert, Head of Business Development at AYTU GmbH

Following studies in economics and sustainability economics I joined ESCP Europe for my PhD in environmental ecocomics. During this time I gained a lot of experiences regarding sustainability and the link to economics and doing business.

Aytu & Partners is a small consultancy agency mainly rooted in the energy sector. Currently, we are developing our business in Iran.




Thomas Kraubitz, Associate at Buro Happold Engineering

Thomas Kraubitz is a strategic planner, urban designer and architect with a strong focus on resilient environments. His expertise includes integrated development planning, strategic planning, energy concepts, green industrialization and corporate sustainability in Central Europe and beyond.

A key aspect of his work is enhancing the industrial consulting and sustainability offer including strategic and economic aspects. For the BuroHappold offices in Germany and Denmark he is also leading the work on various certification schemes including LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Umweltzeichen Hafencity on the building and urban district scale.

Thomas studied architecture at Coburg University in Germany and urban planning at Tongji University in Shanghai and the MIT followed by a Masters degree with Distinction from Harvard University. He also was a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard and gained practical experience in renowned international planning and design firms based in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Stuttgart, Boston, Copenhagen and Hanoi prior to joining BuroHappold.

Thomas frequently speaks at universities on integrated urban and industrial development and talks at conferences with a particular interest on green urbanism and sustaining urban fabrics. As a co-initiator of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) together with Behnisch Architects, he is a member of the DGNB Technical Committee in charge of the integration of Mobility in its systems. He also acts as an expert adviser to the DGNB on the implementation of its International Assessment System for commercial districts and industrial facilities.

Recent projects include the GIZ India Consultancy on the National Reference Document for Green Industrial Districts and the development of the Game of Zones for Industrial Districts as well as the Regional Development Plan for the Kama Tri-City Conurbation in Russia, the Sleeping Giants study on the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, the Europacity Energy Strategy.

He has also led a number of building and district certifications including the HumboldtHafenEins DGNB Platinum project – currently the greenest new office development in Germany, the 43 storey Torre Sanpaolo LEED Italia Platinum, the Segreen Business Park LEED Platinum certification, the Sony Center Berlin DGNB Gold for Urban Districts Assessment and BREEAM projects in Germany and Luxembourg.

BuroHappold Cities (formerly Happold Consulting) offers leadership and strategic consulting for the built environment that incorporates the technical expertise of a high level engineering firm and the business and economics skills of a management consultancy to deliver integrated projects. We work with public and private sector stakeholders to develop integrated solutions to complex problems, bringing together the traditional skills of a management consultancy with those of an engineering, planning and design consultancy to a project.




Laurenz Krieger, Board Member at Ideas in Motion

Within this position he is responsible for the Marketing & Communication department of Ideas in Motion. Laurenz is a Master in Marketing Management candidate at Leuphana University. Afterwards he pursue to write his PhD thesis about the context of his organization Ideas in Motion. Laurenz is a young dynamic social entrepreneur with extensive experiences in fostering entrepreneurship in Africa.

Ideas in Motion is an international Pro-Bono-Consulting founded in 2013 e.g. with offices in Stuttgart, Munich, Dublin, Helsinki, Paris, Lisbon, New York, Kigali and Sydney. The non-profit organization helps start-ups and SME’s in East Africa to profit from the digital transformation, and by that to develop their businesses in a sustainable way.

More specifically, business/engineering students, young professionals and executives from around the world apply their knowledge and experience to support entrepreneurs in Rwanda. Through this support, which takes place locally in East Africa, entrepreneurs receive help in various areas, including, IT, marketing, sales, finance, and strategy.

We believe that fostering entrepreneurship in developing countries can help to overcome poverty and unemployment and further lead to sustainable economic growth.




Anne-Kathrin Kuhlemann, initiator of BE Solutions

ex-Bainie, studied European Business, serial social entrepreneur and Mom

BE Solutions is all about Creating Future's Profit: using sustainability and untapped resources to innovative business models, create jobs & cash flows that allow regions to prosper in a planet-friendly way and empower citizens to shape their future.




Laura Kühn, Lead Merchandise Coordination at Lesara

I am Laura, alumni of ESCP, and since summer last year I have, with great pleasure, coordinated the Merchandise Team at Lesara. Our team is responsible for continuously providing our customers with the latest trends in Fashion, Home & Tech, Jewelry and more.

As we are still a startup, although we have been named "the fastest growing startup in Europe“ and our CEO & founder is ranked among Forbes’ 30UNDER30, here is a quick summary of who we are:

Lesara boasts an international team who make it their mission to provide our customers with a wide range of quality fashion and lifestyle products at the best possible price. We are changing the face of the fashion industry with agile retail. Faster turnover and the implementation of big data are just a few avenues that distinguish Lesara within the industry. 

We are the German pioneer in Agile Retail and in December 2016 won the „Gründerszene“ Ranking for fastest growing startup in Germany. We are a very international and data-driven team with over 200 people worldwide. Here is a good overview of our business model:

I am very excited to be part of the Global Career Week together with our HR experts, getting to know you and helping you to develop your skills further in our upcoming career training sessions on Friday!

P.S.: As we are only able to achieve our current level of success with a first-class team, we are constantly looking for new talents! So very looking forward to get to know you and perhaps to work together soon."




Florian Landorff, Head of Human Resources at Welthungerhilfe since 2015

Target oriented leader for human resources management, organizational development and people development.
Over ten years experience in project and program management for Welthungerhilfe in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Studied Social Sciences in Nuremberg and International Development Cooperation as post-graduate in Berlin.

Welthungerhilfe is a German non-profit NGO. Our vision is a world in which everyone has the chance to exercise their right to a self-determined life in dignity and justice, free from hunger and poverty.

Together with 2.300 staff in over 30 countries, mainly in Africa and South Asia, we fight for “zero hunger wherever we work”. We implement projects mainly in rural areas in agriculture, food & nutrition security, natural resources management, water supply, economic value chains and other areas.
We are supported by private donors and public institutions to have as much impact as possible in empowering poor and under-privileged people.




Maria Samoto le Dous, Area Manager at Uniqlo Germany

I am responsible for training and sustainability across all stores. Recently, I have been actively involved with our All-Product-Recycling initiative where more than 50.000 pieces of clothes were distributed directly in the refugee camps across Berlin.

UNIQLO Co., Ltd. is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer, owned by Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., which is the third largest retail group in the world. UNIQLO operates in Japan and fourteen countries globally with more than 1400 stores, including most recently in Stuttgart.




Jonathan Lehmann, Senior Consultant Innovation Accelerator at World Food Programme

Jonathan is from Hamburg, Germany. Parallel to his Master at ESCP, he also completed a joint Master from the Paris based Sciences Po and the London School of Economics in International Affairs. After 5 successfull years at Zalando in Berlin, he joined the Innovation Accelerator in Munich and is currently working on various projects in the Middle East and Central Africa.

The World Food Programm (WFP) is the worlds largest humanitarian organization and part of the United Nations. WFP launched an Innovation Accelerator in Munich, Germany, to better identify, support and scale promising ideas and potential solutions to help reach our global goal of Zero Hunger by 2030. We are a team composed of people with a mainly private sector background and use Technology and Innovation combined with Human Centred Design and a Lean Start Up approach to fight hunger. The way forward in the fight against hunger is not necessarily in building grand plans, but identifying and testing solutions in an agile way. We support ideas from inspiration to implementation, providing financial support and mentorship to take take proven solutions to scale.




Angela McClellan, Policy Lead for Financial Sector Reform at Transparency International

Angela has a diploma in political science and a master of business administration. She has worked for Transparency International since 2006 and is an expert on business integrity and anti-money laundering issues.

Transparency International is an international not-for-profit organization working with partners in government, business and civil society to put effective measures in place to tackle corruption.




Ivan Palenik, Business Analyst at Deloitte Digital

Ivan has more than 2 years of experience in venture building. He was a founder himself, worked for an incubator and during his studies at ESCP Europe Business School he worked on the intersection between business and IT in a telco corporation.

At Deloitte Digital Ventures in Germany, we are a team of passionate entrepreneurs and operational experts who assist companies in building new digital businesses with speed and precision. We run five execution tracks, each designed to drive economic benefit for the firm: Digital Strategy, Digital Accelerators, Digital Businesses, Digital Full Potential Programs and Digital Leadership - always acting as the entrepreneurial partner.




Jörg Rheinboldt, CEO at Axel Springer Plug'n'Play

Jörg Rheinboldt is CEO of Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator and a serial entrepreneur. While studying management in Cologne, he co-founded the Internet consulting company denkwerk, and later, a marketplace which was acquired by eBay. After the acquisition, Jörg served as Managing Director of eBay in Germany for five years. Today, he focuses on early stage investments in groundbreaking internet, telecom and media businesses as founding partner of M10 GmbH. Jörg is also a founding donor of betterplace. org, a platform for social projects.

The Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator serves as a booster for new ventures & provides immediate access to a sophisticated network and global infrastructure.




Meerim Ruslanova, Research Assistant at MicroEnergy Project

Coming from the democratic island of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, I have been always passionate about development and international cooperation. My education and work experience ranges from Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, the US and finally Germany. I came to Berlin 2.5 years ago as a DAAD stipend holder and a fresh Hertie School of Governance student. As a sustainable development enthusiast and Public Policy graduate, I am very interested in energy governance and promotion of green economy. Decentralized and unconventional climate actions are especially appealing to me.

The MicroEnergy Project was launched in 2001 as a research cooperation project between the Technical University of Berlin and the successful microenergy provider Grameen Shakti. In 2004, MicroEnergy International was then founded as a private company in order to implement the research results. MicroEnergy International offers products and services through different fields of activity including consulting, engineering, investment & finance, training and scientific research. Furthermore MicroEnergy International supports the development and strengthening of the international community working in the field of microenergy finance in order to share lessons learned, optimize approaches and business plans and innovate technology and financial products. For this purpose, the MicroEnergy Quality Group organizes regular workshops and shares knowledge and experience on the microenergy wiki. Finally, MicroEnergy International promotes the importance of a fair and sustainable access to energy for all through the public relation activities of the MicroEnergy Society.




Janine Schnabel, Project Manager at Global Entrepreneurship Summer School

Janine is responsible for the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) in Munich. GESS brings together students from all over the world, educating them in how to drive societal change. The format is oriented on the global goals.

Under the slogan „Education for societal change“ the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie educates social entrepreneurs or social changemakers. It also instils entrepreneurial thinking in all disciplines and makes social impact a decision category in organisations.




Dr. Imme Scholz, Deputy Director of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik

Dr. Imme Scholz, a university-trained sociologist, is Deputy Director of the German Development Institute (DIE) in Bonn. She has spent the past twenty years or more working on various issues at the environment-and-development interface, inter alia, on land and forest use in the Amazon Region, sustainable consumption, adaptation to climate change and the role of development policy in the promotion of environmental cooperation. Imme Scholz has been a member of the German Council for Sustainable Development since 2013 and a member of the Evangelical Church's (EKD) Advisory Commission on Sustainable Development since 1996.

The German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) is one of the leading think tanks for global development and international cooperation worldwide. It is located in the UN City of Bonn. DIE’s work is based on the interplay between Research, Policy Advice and Training. DIE is building bridges between theory and practice.




Oliver Viel

Strategy, marketing and communication are my specialty. I am seeking to achieve outstanding solutions through a hands-on approach and the creative use of concepts, contacts, and practical experience. 
I work exclusively for individual clients, whose personal interests, goals, and approach to work provide my most important orientation points.




Lisa Wetzel, Sales manager at Damia GmbH / MOGLi

I have come quite a long way to get where I am now - Export manager for MOGLi organic snacks for kids. Having studied cultural sciences, then worked for Corporate Relations & Business Development at ESCP Europe I figured out step by step what I really wanted to do. I wanted to be more engaged in what kept my mind busy all the time: the organic branch, especially organic food sector, supply chains etc. combined with my passion for languages and interacting with people from different cultures. This new job I am accompanying with an extra-occupational studies of sustainable management.
I think the organic & sustainable food industry is one approach to start valueing our food more and realizing a change in the world's problems to feed everyone.

MOGLi stands for 100 % organic snacks for kids. The company was founded in 2012 with the vision to provide kids with 'better' snacks and to inspire them to get out in the nature more. All our products are crystal sugar free and do not contain aroma or other additives. Still being a small company means that we can work very transparent and thus have very close relationships with all our clients in Germany and all over the world. Everything with do is designed to last for many decades.




Gaelle Waltinger, Vice President Western Europe at Bausch+Lomb

Gaelle Waltinger joined Valeant in August 2013, as Vice President Western Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Iberia, France, Benelux, UK & Ireland and Nordics countries). With Master’s Degrees in International Law, Finance and in Quality and Organizations Management from the High Management School of Paris, she started her career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a consultant for Strategy & Management focusing on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. In 2002, Ms. Waltinger obtained an Advanced Degree in Sustainable Development Economics at the University of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, in Paris. Also in 2002, she joined Novartis Pharma in Paris. Initially as Head of Strategic Planning to then become Sales Manager of the internal medicine field force. She then moved to the headquarter in Basel, Switzerland, to become the Head of Marketing Effectiveness for Region Europe. Her last position at Novartis Pharma was Head of Specialty Business and Strategy in Budapest, Hungary. In 2009, she joined Bausch + Lomb as General Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland, based in Berlin, Germany. In 2012, Ms. Waltinger formed the ‘Women Surgeon Network’ in support of women with an interest in pursuing a career in the field of ophthalmic surgery. In 2013, Bausch + Lomb was acquired by Valeant.

Bausch + Lomb is one of the best-known healthcare brands in the world, offering the widest range of eye health products including contact lenses and lens care products, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses and other eye surgery products.