System says: “You haven’t published your current yearbook profile and cannot apply to events.”

In this case, you either need to do exactly that – go on the Stellenticket platform, create/update your CV and publish it (see for a detailed manual).

If you published your profile at the Stellenticket page while you were logged in to the events platform, it can happen that the system does not notice the change. So please log out of the events platform and log in again. If it does not work, please get back to your career team.


In which languages should I create my CV?

We recommend to create at least an English Yearbook profile. If you are able to speak German, you should create a German profile as well. The companies you are applying to can download all language versions of your profile.


System says: “Your account exists already”

If you have not had an account before the semester, we created one for you. Around Tuesday, 12th September, you should have received an email either from “” or from “” with your login details. Please check also your spam folder, maybe the email ended up in there. If you cannot find this email, please write an email to “” asking them to send your password again.


Do I need a Cover Letter for Recruiting Days application?

This is different from company to company. When companies create their events at the application platform, they can either put the information into the event discription or they tick a box saying “Applications require cover letter”. So you sould read the details for each event carefully. Here you see an example how it looks when a company requires a cover letter:

You can either upload a document (e.g. pdf) or you put the text into the “Cover Letter” text field. Your cover letter should be tailored to the company. It is not recommended to use the same cover letter for all applications.