Online CVs are becoming increasingly important to ESCP Europe students, not only due to networking via LinkedIn, but also because of the Linking Talents Online Yearbook, as used by our partner companies. So, how can you make an impact with your online CV on sites such as LinkedIn and within online yearbooks?

Keep descriptions short and concise!

After having previously squeezed all of your experience onto one page, it is a relief to have seemingly unlimited space in your online profile – but stop! Your online CV or yearbook entry should be as concise and precise as your paper/PDF CV. Keep it focused on your performance and achievements. Links to companies with which you have worked or projects posted online are really useful and help to build an interactive picture.


Using Highlights, Industries and Working Languages in the Linking Talents Yearbook to stand out

The Linking Talents platform offers three great opportunities to stand out. With the Highlights section, employers can view your experience and education at a glance. Stating with your Working Languages helps recruiters to sort out whether you are eligible to work in certain countries. In order to help them assess your motivation, you may also use the Industry Preferences section – here it is important to be selective (choose 4 or 5 at the most) and consistent, otherwise recruiters will be confused about your motivation.


Interests and Engagement

The same rules apply here as for paper CVs: use these sections to stand out, both in the case of LinkedIn and the Linking Talents Yearbook.


Endorsements on Linkedin

In the endorsements section, you can list individual skills and have your network confirm these by endorsing you. But don’t exaggerate!


Your Yearbook CV

As ESCP Europe student you can create an exclusive online profile via the Yearbook tool the careers team provides. It gives you visibility to our partner companies, who use it for actively searching talents who fit to them. If you have not set it up yet, please check here for more information.